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Our economic intelligence is used to ensure strategies and policies across the county are based on current and robust evidence, and to make sure government at all scales is aware of the economic issues facing Buckinghamshire’s communities.

We publish all of our research outputs on the Buckinghamshire Economic Intelligence Observatory microsite

The Observatory contains all the latest local economic data and insight, produced by Bucks LEP and by others, on the following themes:

  • Economic output and productivity
  • Business and innovation
  • Jobs and skills
  • Population and wellbeing
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Impact of Covid-19

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Intelligence Insight – What will be the impact of the furlough scheme coming to an end? And are there actually bigger issues within the local labour market?

The furlough scheme officially came to an end at the end of September.  It has been a lifeline for thousands of local businesses and employees over the last 18 months.  It has no doubt kept many businesses afloat and [...]

28th October, 2021|Buckinghamshire Economy News, Uncategorized|

Intelligence Insight – 18 months on from the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, how is the Buckinghamshire economy faring?

In short, the answer is, better than expected. As Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England declared earlier this month, the country’s economy has been less damaged than initially feared. Whilst we won’t know the full extent of [...]

5th August, 2021|Buckinghamshire Economy News|

Intelligence Insight – Impact of Covid-19 on Buck’s hospitality and tourism sector

The hospitality and tourism sector plays a key role in the Buckinghamshire economy.  Around 2,000 businesses operate within the sector, with many others (including food and drink producers) in their supply chain. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector [...]

26th February, 2021|Buckinghamshire Economy News|

Intelligence Insight – Impact of Covid-19 on the Buckinghamshire Economy

As the year draws to a close, and with vaccine roll-out underway, there is some cause for optimism as we head into 2021 but for many businesses conditions will remain tough. For businesses that are either closed or are [...]

18th December, 2020|Buckinghamshire Economy News|

Intelligence Insight – Impact of Covid-19 on the Buckinghamshire Economy

Whilst there was an economic recovery of sorts over the summer months, some sections of the Buckinghamshire economy remain dormant (e.g. live events – including theatres) or operating at a severely reduced level (e.g. hospitality, visitor attractions, travel, aviation,). Going [...]

30th October, 2020|Buckinghamshire Economy News|
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