Example Buckinghamshire’s economy – August 2018

The latest research on Buckinghamshire’s economy is in, giving us a greater understanding of how business, social and economic landscapes are changing over time.

Claimant count

Buckinghamshire’s claimant count increased for a sixth successive month in April, rising 205 to stand at 4,090, the highest level since April 2014. The claimant count has now risen by more than a third (33.7 per cent, 1,030 claimants) in the last year.

At the national level, the claimant count rose for a tenth successive month in April, taking annual change to 21.6 per cent.

There are now more claimants than job openings in Buckinghamshire for the first time since we began collecting this data in January 2017.

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House prices & sales in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire’s average house price stood at £399,874 in March, having fallen by 0.5 per cent (£1,990) over the last year, markedly below the rises of 1.1 and 1.4 per cent recorded respectively across the south east region and the UK as a whole.

There were 485 house sales in Buckinghamshire in January, the lowest for any single month since April 2013.

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Labour market

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