Thursday 30 Jul 2015

Lights, cameras, action

Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
Andrew Smith, Director of Strategy & Communication Pinewood Group & BTVLEP Board Member

Big changes are currently happening at Pinewood Studio’s. Work is well underway in doubling the size of the studio, with the first 5 stages due to open in the summer of 2016. The combination of the UK’s fiscal incentives, its talented crews and infrastructure makes this currently attractive to content makers.

BTVLEP along with the other 6 LEPS in the Thames Valley were vital in securing the planning permission for the exciting expansion programme. Our biggest challenge is now to ensure that the skills pipeline continues to flow to meet the growing demand.

When we say skills pipeline, we are not just talking about cinematographers, or sound recordists but  also electricians, carpenters, plumbers, make-up artists and costumiers that are essential to any production. That is why the Pinewood Group PLC is delighted to have joined the new BTVLEP Skills Board, to make sure that our exacting requirements are known by colleges and skills providers and that their curriculum swiftly adapts to help feed the talent pool needed to keep our international reputation growing.   

There is a further reason why we are supporting the skills board, because what is good for Pinewood will ultimately be good for Bucks. Work in the film and the wider screen based industries can be  tough but very rewarding, in our industry hard work will get you a long way because producers and directors demand the best and invariably get it.

For details of job opportunities currently available at Pinewood visit

Andrew Smith is Director of Strategy & Communication Pinewood Group & BTVLEP Board Member

Photo credit: Flickr - Neilson Eney

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